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Joining The Delmarva DockDogs Family

Delmarva DockDogs is the local chapter of a larger organization, DockDogs which is located in Ohio.  The Delmarva DockDogs Club covers Delaware, Maryland (east of the Chesapeake), & Virginia.  We have annual events in Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey.  We have members from Vermont, New York, Tennessee, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, etc!  

Benefits of being a member of Delmarva:

  • Pre-registration codes to sign up for events before open to the public

  • Discount of 20% off Delmarva Dockdog Merchandise (sold at events and practices)

  • Free practice time on practice days

  • And most importantly, and a wonderful group of new friends.  


DockDogs® is the independent governing and sanctioning body for regional, national and international dock jumping & dock diving, dog performance sports. DockDogs® establishes the rules and standards of the sport, tracks results and records, supports and promotes the growth of its athletes, events, spectators, and sponsors.

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