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Upcoming Practices

DelMarva Dockdogs is in our off season, so
no practices are scheduled at this time
Please check bank in the Spring, and 
keep an eye on our facebook page!

Teaching Your Dog to Swim:
Click above to see how to teach your dog to swim!

Tips for Attending Practices

 ** All are welcomed at practices, new and those already dock diving. 

** Please sign up on the sign up genius, and if you have any question, please contact our
     president, Kim Vaillancourt at

                               **Please bring the following to practices**

  • Crate - to keep your dog safe from other dogs while they are not jumping.  Dogs have a tendency to jump the pool while other dogs are taking their turn.

  • Chair - we want you to relax and have fun!

  • Toy - to throw for the dog.  Remember, nothing edible or alive (or once alive) is allowed on the dock

  • Water - for you and your dog

  • Towel - to dry off your dog (and you, you WILL get wet)

  • Leash - 4 ft leash, NO retractable leashes allowed


Dogs MUST stay 8 ft apart at ALL times. This is for the safety of all dogs and handlers.


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