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DockDogs® fosters inclusivity by encouraging anyone with a dog and a toy to take part in the sport and potentially achieve national recognition. Many competitions allow participants to enroll in a "Wave" (class).  The organization emphasizes the enjoyment of the sport and celebrates even minor improvements in performance.  DockDogs® strives to maintain a simple and fun atmosphere while promoting camaraderie among competitors of all levels.

Who We Are

Our club is an affiliate of DockDogs® Worldwide, with 95 members coming from all over the Tri-state area and beyond.  We would love for you to experience this awesome sport.  Come check out an event, book an appointment with a trainer for a supportive introduction to this amazing sport or reach out to a Board Member for more information. 

History of Dock Diving

It is believed that the sport of Dock Diving originated in England in the 1970s. In 1997, the United Staes saw the the sport for the first time, when ESPN televised the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge as part of the Great Outdoor Games. DockDogs® was established in 2000 with the goal of making dock diving a competitive sport that was accessible to all. The organization's competitions follow established national standards and objective measures, enabling participants to receive objective feedback on how their dog is progressing.   

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All Sizes and Levels

DockDogs® has established divisions based on distance and separate scoring for "Lapdogs" (dogs under17" at the shoulder) for each discipline, ensuring fair competition and recognition of improvement at all levels. DockDogs® recognizes "Personal Bests" and the opportunity to earn Club and National titles at all levels of the sport.  Each year, the top dogs and handlers at each division compete at the DockDogs® Worlds Competition in October.  Competing with your dog at any level 


  • DDD is a community not just a club.  Members are supportive and helpful whether you are new to the sport or an experienced competitor.

  • Members get exclusive early access to Club Sponsored events before they open to the public.

  • Practices to build confidence on the dock and sharpen you and your dog's skills.

  • A great way to deepen the bond with your dog and meet new friends.

  • Discount of 20% off Delmarva Dockdog Merchandise (sold at events and practices). 

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Why Become a Member?

Delmarva DockDogs® Club Members

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