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Wondering if your dog would like Dock Diving?

#1 Does your dog love his/her toys and love to chase them? 

#2 Have you introduced your dog to water?

If your dog loves to chase toys thats really the key to getting your dog to jump. If your dog doesn't love water today, don't worry many times with proper training and perhaps the assistance of a trainer they can learn to swim and love the water.  


Introducing Your Dog to Dock Diving:


 If you haven't already, assess your dogs affinity for water, if your dog already likes water skip to step 2. Take your dog to a pool or safe body of natural water like a creek or pond to gauge their interest in water.  Dogs who show enthusiasm for water are more likely to take to dock diving.  However some dogs don't like water at first but learn to love swimming.  Never force your dog to go in!   


Once your dog demonstrates a confidence in and around water, the next step is to encourage them to jump into the water from the side of pool or even a dock the side of pool or a low dock, this helps dogs overcome their hesitation about landing in the water.  If your dog has only swam in natural water you will want to introduce them to a pool as the look of the water as some dogs need a bit of time to get used to look of pool. Always show your dog the exit points of pool and if in a natural body of water ensure it is safe and they can back back to shore easily. 


After your dog is confident and having fun in the water, the next step is teaching your dog to jump off the dock into the pool. Look for a training facility near your where an instructor to work with you and your dog to ensure a positive experience that doesn't over face your dogs abilities and builds confidence.  The instructor will introduce your dog to the exit ramp which will show them how to get out of the pool and be more inviting of entry to the pool.  Once they are confident off the ramp (which may take more than a couple sessions for some pups) they will progress to the dock which will be 2-feet about the water.  If you know an experienced dock dog and can plan session with them will really help to build confidence.   

Patience is key as you guide your dog through each stage of dock diving training. Celebrate small victories along the way and maintain a supportive and encouraging environment to help your dog overcome any fears or uncertainties about dock jumping.  By providing consistent training, positive reinforcement, and gradual exposure to new challenges, you can effectively introduce your dog to the exciting world of dock diving, setting them up for a rewarding and enjoyable experience for you both. 

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